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Cajun Cuisine in Waynesville, OH

KJ’s vision is provide quality, authentic, wallet-friendly Southern and Cajun Cuisine throughout the State of Ohio. Our business is a first generation, veteran owned, Louisiana born company in which the chefs have a deep understanding of Southern and Cajun dishes. KJ’s Cajun Cuisine is rooted from original family recipes as well as the birthplace of Jambalaya. We provide delicious Southern and Cajun Cuisine at a reasonable price with the best ingredients shipped directly from Louisiana. All of our food is genuine, homemade, and gives that taste of Louisiana that leaves people smiling and wanting to come back for more!

KJ's Cajun Cuisine serves authentic, delicious, down-south food that is the perfect combination of elegant cuisine and comfort food. We bring the authenticity, warmth, and flavor of Louisiana to as many people as possible in the State of Ohio through festivals, catering, and one day our family-owned and run smokehouse. KJ's two Louisiana born, Cajun Chefs go to great lengths to ensuring the highest quality food and products are Certified Cajun from Louisiana, full of Southern flavor, and served directly to Ohioans.

For more information on all of the delicious food from our menu, contact KJ's Cajun Cuisine in Waynesville, OH today!

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  • Family Owned
  • Excellent Catering Services
  • 35 Years of Authentic Louisiana Cooking Experience